slowdrift music

With their second release, Radiate, Basque has once again demonstrated their unique gift for transforming emotions into music.

Hauntingly inspiring melodies are woven about with the rich and orchestral threads of Brandt's unique virtuosity on bass, while Maryasque's voice soars above -- sweet, wise, and achingly intense.

The sparse beauty of their first album is surpassed by the lush, dreamy qualities of Radiate's 11 tracks.

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track list
(1) wool and waterHear It!
(2) Mariposa
(3) chaos
(4) thunder
(5) make me speak
(6) stullerup
(7) ages awhip
(8) radiate
(9) Aboriginal lullaby
(10) the beggars would ride
(11) the river is flowinf