slowdrift music

I knew I was in for something different when I opened the package from Basque and saw a CD, a candle, and a customized book of matches all packed up in a purple ziploc bag.

Basque is made up of Brandt on bass and Maryasque on vocals - basically a Tuck & Patti with a twist: subtle and soothing new age sounds that seem to float from your speakers.

The songs are complex in their simplicity - the vocals float effortlessly across the dancing bass lines, painting pictures with rising and falling sounds.

Maryasque's vocals are less lyrical than they are instrumental. There are words here and there, but they are delivered as if they were mere musical notes.

The end result is unexpectedly beautiful in its sheer bareness--revealing a depth that you would not expect from just a bass and vocals.

This is a remarkable piece of work, and has to be heard to be believed and fully appreciated.

(above review from MISH MASH ISSUE # 11 OCT'99)

$10 plus shipping and handling

track list
(1) Ave Maria
(2) 100 Degrees
(3) Swollen strangerHear It!
(4) Let all mortal flesh
(5) twilight
(6) the mountain song
(7) woman in the room
(8) jab